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ALLIED Consortium is a member organization that brings together great minds to address the challenges of our times, with special emphasis on helping organizations confront racism, discrimination, and economic disparities.

Let's do some good together.

Our Business Services

ALLIED Consortium helps individuals, organizations, and communities to do good. We are grounded in the business world, and utilize proven practices and techniques to help members become more effective in addressing social and economic inequalities that cost businesses dearly.

The S5-Ratings Medallion

Are you looking for a way to align your business strategy with your commitments to social responsibility? The S5-Ratings system gives organizations a tool to develop transformative business and social policies, and gain recognition in the marketplace for those efforts.

S5 Performance Rating

Since the unrest in 2020, individuals, organizations, and communities have been looking for ways to lessen racism and promote greater economic opportunities for Black and Diverse Communities. The S5-Rating system offers a viable way to move forward.

An Extraordinary Collaboration

ALLIED Consortium is assembling an experienced team of change-agents to help members improve their engagements with Black and Diverse communities and drive greater change across America - change that will help bring about greater good in our society.


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The S5 Digital Medallion

Our Business Services