S5-Rating and Medallion

Finally, a tool to help organizations establish meaningful and sustainable engagements with Black and Diverse Communities and to gain recognition for those engagements among consumers and industry peers.

The S5-Rating is a multi-year initiative designed to distinguish organizations as true proponents of anti-racism and accelerators of community development.  While many well-intended business leaders have expressed support for anti-racism efforts, some have failed to demonstrate that support in tangible ways.  ALLIED Consortium offers a precise roadmap for those who want to move forward with real and sustainable results.

To earn the S5-Rating, an organization must have significant engagements with Black and Diverse Communities.  Rich engagements qualify an organization for the S5-Rating.  Once attained, the rating must be renewed annually.

The S5-Rating benefits all types of businesses.

Major Business Enterprises

Many mid-sized companies find it difficult to contribute to social advancements without external support. The S5-Rating provides a process for companies to become agents of positive social transformation while remaining focused on their core mission.

Black-owned Businesses

Unlike traditional certification programs, which fail to acknowledge or measure social contributions, whenever a Black-owned Business receives the S5-Rating, it is a badge of honor signalling a strong commitment to Black communities.

Diverse-owned Businesses

Diverse-owned Businesses (DBEs) have a role to play in lessening racism and promoting economic prosperity in Black and Diverse Communities. The S5-Rating distinguishes leaders among the pack and proves DBEs can be mighty change agents.