Our S5 Rating

ALLIED Consortium is delighted to introduce an important new tool that gives members a framework for developing policies, strategies, and engagements that work to combat systemic racism and advance economic development in Black and Diverse Communities. ALLIED Consortium assists members in formulating strategies for each of the components listed here. Scoring occurs for each component and leads to an annual rating. Organizations with scores reflecting strong performance for three consecutive years are awarded an S5-Rating.

Service Stories

The S5-Rating process begins with the alignment of values and an organization's mission and service. Every organization has a story related to its mission and its products and services. Scoring for this component reflects how well an organization has thought about what it does relative to the tough topics of racism, discrimination and inequality.

Support Staff

Organizations with strong focus on their people do well here. The S5-Rating system examines not only how organizations recruit, promote, and retain Black and Diverse people, but it also considers how they incentivize all employees to be agents of good, especially within communities of color.

Strategy and Structure

Every organization has a strategy by which it pursues its mission, and a structure that reflects and supports that strategy. The S5-Rating asks organizations to consider whether aspects of their strategy and structure contribute to structural racism and anti-Black and anti-Diverse practices. An organization might have a diverse workforce, but if the managers and board of that organization is not diverse, it has work to do.

Stakeholders and Supply

When businesses think about supply, their focus is on procurement, but supply for any organization is a two-ended process. There is the supply of revenues into the organization, and the outflow of resources for materials used in the production of goods and services. The S5-Rating encourages organizations to think about customers and traditional suppliers as they imagine policies and practices to lessen racism.

Significant Space

Organizations have the capacity to influence the spaces they occupy and touch. Issues of sustainability and environment impact have become priorities in many circles, but the discussions do not always address racism and the health of Black and Diverse populations. The S5-Rating system offers organizations a framework to consider their environmental efforts as they endeavor to promote greater equity and equality.